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There are many reason to lease, but the primary reason is cash. Leasing allows you to maintain your cash on hand and maintain your flexibility while incurring a potentially tax deductible monthly payment.

Fast Approvals

Leasing offers the fastest form of equipment finance approvals. Banks and other financial institutions can take months to approve loans and credit lines to finance equipment costing you valuable time. Lease your business equipment and get it working for you when you need it.

Hassle Free

As business people, we understand that you don’t have time for mountains of paperwork and endless back and forth with lenders. At Leaseline our leasing specialists work for you to make the process fast and simple. All that is required is a simple application form and our leasing specialists will work to find you the best leasing option for your business.

Flexible Terms

Leasing is the most flexible type of financing for your business. Leasline’s leasing specialists will work with you to determine the best terms to meet your business needs.

Leverage Your Cash!

One of the major advantages to leasing is leveraging. Leveraging means getting the most out of your businesses cash flow by allowing for payments overtime, not all up front. Leveraging increases your buying power and makes better use of your equipment budget.

Tax Benefits

Leasing offers a number of tax benefits not available to traditional equipment financing. Lease payments are often expensed which reduces the taxable income in your business. This strategy can result in tax savings as well as preserve debt to equity ratios because the equipment does not show as capital asset on your balance sheet. Leasing can also help you to defer GST/PST/HST tax costs. These tax costs can significantly impact cash flow when you purchase equipment outright because the taxes are paid in advance. When you lease, tax costs are spread out over the term of your lease.

Preserve Your Cash and Lines of Credit

Cash is king in business and you always want to have some contingency funds to operate your business. By leasing you can leverage your cash and preserve your lines of credit so that your business has the working capital it needs to grow. You still have the equipment to increase your business revenue. At the same time, you preserve your working capital which can be re-invested in your business to expand or simply cover payroll.

Shelter your Equipment from Creditors

Because you don’t own leased equipment, it can’t be seized by a business creditor. So long as you keep making your payments in accordance with your lease contract, the equipment is yours to keep. This can help your business get through tough financial circumstances when you need your equipment most.


Step 1. Application Complete, sign and send us your Credit Application by email or fax and we will get the process started for you. Or you can complete our Online Application.


Step 2. Review and Consultation Upon receipt of your Credit Application, our leasing specialists will follow-up with you to determine your specific needs and structure a lease on terms that are right for your business.


Step 3. Approval and Funding Our leasing specialists will find the best leasing terms for you from a wide range of equipment lenders. Once approved we coordinate payment directly to your equipment dealer or private seller and arrange for delivery directly to you.



The short answer . . . ANYTHING!

Leaseline can structure a lease around a wide range of business equipment, new and used. We can even structure a lease around equipment that you already own to free up cash in your business.

To fill out an application click one of the links below:

Commercial Application

Personal Application